Incentive Scheme for Market-led Production for RNR commodities

MoAF/DAMC-MDD/21-22/75     March 16, 2022

Implementation of Incentive Scheme for Market-led Production of RNR commodities. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to inform all concerned that the Buy-Back Scheme of the Ministry is hereby replaced with the Incentive Scheme for Market-led Production. The Scheme with broader scope incorporating features of crop prioritization, charter of clear implementation modalities and enforcement through better Dzongkhag decentralized mode under Dzongkhag Administration has been proposed and approved by the government. It may be noted that the scheme is to be implemented by the Dzongkhags under the direct supervision of Dasho Dzongdags with ownership, authority and accountability while the Ministry shall confine its role in issuing of implementation guidelines to the Dzongkhags, setting of Incentive Scheme Price (ISP) through task force, facilitation of budget release to the Dzongkhags and monitoring of the implementations, as may be required.

The scheme is aimed at incentivizing farmers to promote production of RNR commodities that contribute towards achieving national food security, have better nutritional value, have potential for higher incomes to farmers, and enhance import substitution and export promotion. Further, the scheme is to compensate farmers at a pre-determined price should there be no demand for RNR commodities produced or the prevailing market price is less than the cost of production. Furthermore, the scheme is to address market distress and market failure situation with provision of necessary incentives.

  1. Incentive Scheme
  2. Letter to Dasho Dzongdag

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